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Lucy Jane Wood

Professional Experience

Providing cosy nostalgia, bad impressions and a lot of book chat on both YouTube (196k followers) and Instagram (75k followers).

Content Creator

2013 - Present

Cultivated a loyal audience of 250,000 combined followers to move from hobby to full time job. Scripted, filmed and edited a consistent stream of relatable and imaginative video, as well as image and written content across topics including books, lifestyle and fashion. Worked alongside esteemed brands such as The Body Shop, Pandora and Sony to create sponsored content to brief.

Freelance Writer

2013 - Present

Strong written and editorial skills for several high profile publications across the UK and US, both online and in print. Titles included Cosmopolitan UK, Cosmopolitan US, Metro, MTV, Top of the Pops and Tigerbeat. Generating original feature ideas for a predominantly female-identifying audience. Fast-paced, SEO-tastic news writing adhering to various writing styles and standards. Sharp attention to detail for editing, self-editing and proof reading.

Morning Editor, Marie Claire US

2018 - 2019

Fast-paced sourcing, writing, editing and publishing timely pop culture, entertainment and news stories for the US Marie Claire website. Self-published content shared across social platforms to millions of followers. A need for adaptability, accuracy, quick decision making, and responding to traffic trends.

Multimedia Editor, Sugarscape


A move to video-focused content (both filming and editing) including conducting celebrity interviews, junkets and phones with big names to generate original content for the website’s popular social media channels. Generating unique creative ideas to increase shareability and engagement. Managing social media profiles for millions of followers. Previously Senior Writer and Books Editor.